Esenciales para una piel sana

Después de la temporada navideña donde asistimos a miles de reuniones familiares, trabajamos al mismo tiempo y tuvimos que sacar energía extra para poder compartir todos esos espacios, nuestra piel queda agotada por el trasnocho, alcohol, maquillaje que no nos retiramos bien en la noche entre otros.

Por eso es que para este mes de Enero hice una lista de sobrevivencia por así decirlo, para desintoxicar la piel y comenzar el año con una piel radiante y fresca. Todos estos pasos son de bastante ayuda para nosotras y de verdad hacen la diferencia en nuestro día a día. No es necesario incorporarlos todos pero si tener en cuenta los que a cada una nos benefician mas según su rutina.

Fringe love

Good Morning! Although I’ve never been ruled by the trends of the moment I like to take pieces that feel to suit my style and personality, and right now fringes are having a major moment; handbags, skirts, blouses, dresses, accessories, everything! And the truth is that it adds a touch of fun to the whole outfit and some coquetry. It lends itself to informal and casual occasions, like this dress from Lulu’s, I love the detail on the back and the nude color, and very versatile and easy to combine with accessories like this clutch. I hope you have a nice week and thanks for your comments!

Buenos días! Aunque nunca he sido gobernada por las tendencias del momento me gusta tomar piezas que siento que se adaptan a mi estilo y personalidad, ahora están en furor los flecos en todas sus presentaciones; bolsos, faldas, blusas, vestidos, accesorios! Y la verdad es que le agrega un toque de juego a todo el outfit y algo de coquetería. Se presta para ocasiones informales y casuales, como este vestido de lulu’s, me encanta el detalle en la espalda y su color, bastante versátil y fácil de combinar con accesorios y complementos de color y textura como el bolso. Espero que tengan una bonita semana y gracias por sus comentarios!

when sunny & rainy…

How many times have you left the house with an extremely warm outfit because is freezing out there and an hour later is totally sunny and we’re melting?

Well, that was my case lately and I wanted to share some discoveries (if I can call it like that) so we can choose better in the morning what we’re going to wear. For days that we have different activities and the weather is rare, try using outfits with small changes to adapt in this situation.

In this case a light rain jacket become a basic, right now those are trending in military or beige, and match with almost everything.

Spring vibes

Hello everyone! Spring is at the door and finally we can appreciate some of the most marked trends: new colors, textures and clothes! And talking about colors and warmer weather, I had the luck to make these photos with a great team of creative people in Medellin. They are Pose n ‘Post, three costume designers with different approaches that combine their talent to create a new concept of photography and communication.

Here are some notes about spring trends; I hope you enjoy the photos and illustrations   :)

Huge thanks to David Mosquera, Camilo García, Daniela Ramirez and Laura Lotero.

Will you be my valentine?

 Every day is a perfect opportunity to remind those we love how much we care about them; we don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day or a special date to express with little details our love. Having said that, next weekend is Valentine ’s Day, a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries, which has lately become popular in other countries.

Personally, I think gift options for men are a bit limited compared to ladies options: chocolates, flowers, cards, makeup, accessories etc. And also the fact to buy something meaningful and special, but! Don’t worry ladies,

Ten Grooming products to keep in mind

essentials grooming


{ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 }

Hello guys! Have you been using the same shampoo for the past 2 and half years?

 Sometimes we just get too comfortable or too lazy to read labels, or give ourselves the chance to try different options. Some of us will say ‘this shampoo has always worked for me’ and others will say ‘dude it’s just shampoo…’

Well I’ve been taking a closer look at grooming products lately, mostly because

Ten things about Italy

I took me a little bit more than I thought to come up with 10 things I love the most about #Italy. I was like seriously 10? And the main reason is because Italy owns a piece of my soul. There are wayyyy too many things I love about #Italy that’s why this exercise is always a hard one to me… But here is my best shot! You think am missing something here?

Siempre que tengo que hacer el ejercicio de escoger las 10 mejores cosas de un lugar, la vida se me vuelve un nudo…Literal. Y mucho mas si estas 10 cosas son sobre #Italia. Tengo una fascinación gigante sobre #Italia. Y es que creo que en definitiva #Italia es dueña de un pedazo de mi alma. Pero aquí les dejo mi mejor intento… Aparte de bellas actrices crees que olvido algo?   :D

Boyfriend shirt

Walking on the streets of Cartagena again, I couldn’t resist to these scenarios! Every corner is simply picturesque and there is a story to tell. I just love this city.

One of the new basic pieces for our closet is the boyfriend shirt, wide with male silhouette, striped or one full color, is uncomplicated and kind of sexy. It is a very versatile piece that depending on the occasion goes with shorts, skirts, jeans, minimal accessories and appropriate shoes. Definitely keep it on mind if you are going for shopping these days, the boyfriend shirts are a success! What do you think? Ready to try them?

Thank you for your comments and thanks to my sister Laura for being the best photographer ever, I wish you all a VERY happy Tuesday.   :)

Nuevamente por las calles de cartagena, no me pude resistir a estos escenarios! En cada esquina hay un cuadro por pintar y una historia para contar. Me enamora simplemente me enamora esta ciudad. 

Ten things about Cartagena

If you could imagine any magical and charming city, should definitely be Cartagena de Indias. As I said in the previous article, is one of those cities that you always want to come back, there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

Cartagena is historical and cultural heritage of humanity, the streets enclose stories and legends, you will find friendly and cheerful people, every corner has something special