Boyfriend shirt

Walking on the streets of Cartagena again, I couldn’t resist to these scenarios! Every corner is simply picturesque and there is a story to tell. I just love this city.

One of the new basic pieces for our closet is the boyfriend shirt, wide with male silhouette, striped or one full color, is uncomplicated and kind of sexy. It is a very versatile piece that depending on the occasion goes with shorts, skirts, jeans, minimal accessories and appropriate shoes. Definitely keep it on mind if you are going for shopping these days, the boyfriend shirts are a success! What do you think? Ready to try them?

Thank you for your comments and thanks to my sister Laura for being the best photographer ever, I wish you all a VERY happy Tuesday.   :)

Nuevamente por las calles de cartagena, no me pude resistir a estos escenarios! En cada esquina hay un cuadro por pintar y una historia para contar. Me enamora simplemente me enamora esta ciudad. 

Green everything in the Amazon

Good Morning loves! I am back  from one of the best experiences I ever had traveling , I had the fortunate to visit the Amazon to celebrate the holidays with my family and it was really life changing, I recharged energy, breathed pure air , I feel a lot more  love for mother nature and bring new purposes. Amazon is a magical and wise place where you can connect with yourself, where you come from, our essence; definitely you should put it on

Love list, pamper yourself


Algunos son antojos que mantengo en mente, otros cumplidos y otros por cumplir, recuerden que hay que consentirnos así sea con el más mínimo detalle 

Some cravings that I keep in mind, others that I already have and the rest of them hopefully will be on my hands soon, we should pamper ourselves even with the smallest detail

1. Don´t worry be Yoncé, no hay mucho más que decir

2. Tacones de leopardo, Steve Madden. El animal print no dejará de estar presente en ningún closet definitivamente, al menos