The European Gem: Budapest

I have not yet found the perfect words to convey my time in Budapest, but ‘waking up to a beautiful and lingering dream’ would come close.

Travelling, to me, is not a stamped passport and a bar stool conversation later. It is a never ending journey of self discovery. My memoirs of Budapest are like the chronicles of following my dreams. I have always wanted to visit the Hungarian Empire, and this spring saw that dream turn to reality.

Spring vibes

Hello everyone! Spring is at the door and finally we can appreciate some of the most marked trends: new colors, textures and clothes! And talking about colors and warmer weather, I had the luck to make these photos with a great team of creative people in Medellin. They are Pose n ‘Post, three costume designers with different approaches that combine their talent to create a new concept of photography and communication.

Here are some notes about spring trends; I hope you enjoy the photos and illustrations   :)

Huge thanks to David Mosquera, Camilo García, Daniela Ramirez and Laura Lotero.


Imagine New York in silence, no rush, no chaos, everything seems calm … seems like I am not talking about this city, but in reality that New York is the place to escape after being all morning in the office or on the college, I can spend hours and never get tired of looking at the picture, it is so relaxing, the water, the city, the sun that finally is warming me up and good company. And going into spring mode for this beautiful day, I paired olive jeans with some color in my blouse and flirty heels, casual-informal look playing with contrast and textures. What do you think about my corner?

Enjoy the weekend!     8-)

Imagínense Nueva York en silencio, cero afán, cero caos, todo en calma… parece que no estuviera hablando de esta ciudad pero en realidad si existe ese New York  y es el lugar de escape después de estar toda la mañana en la oficina o en

Back on road in tartán♡

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week. Mine started full of new energy and exciting projects that I will share soon. I had been somehow disconnected from my blog doing tons of tasks that I happily embark in this city but I’m back with all the attitude and today in tartan; It was one of the strongest trends of the last autumn-winter and today I’m taking it back on a sunny day with a loose white blouse and pleated booties with white accents on the back, perfect and comfortable look to run errands around the city. Happy week and thank you for your comments and messages, those make me really happy!

Buenos días! Espero que estén teniendo una muy buena semana. La mía comenzó recargada de buena energía y proyectos que espero compartir pronto. Había estado algo desconectada del blog atendiendo una y miles de tareas en las que me embarco felizmente en esta ciudad pero estoy de vuelta

Road trip, Amish Town NY

I must confess I had a huge curiosity about this place; disconnected from the noise of the city and go back to the basic and natural. No electricity, no cars, absolutely fresh and natural food, outdoor activities and enjoy the company of family and friends without any electronic next to me! That is why I escaped to this town that has preserved for over 300 years the tradition of simple living. I hope you enjoy the photos and this beautiful day!

My flower celebration

These days in my city we are celebrating the flower show, a traditional event since 1957 full of history and culture. It is impossible not to fall in love with the colors and beauty that surround Medellín, today I got carried away with orchids, blue navy, subtle details and risky transparencies. Special Thanks to Mai Petit and Juanes Lopez. Happy holidays!     ;-)

Por estos días en mi ciudad estamos celebrando la feria de las flores, un evento tradicional desde 1957 lleno de historia y cultura. Es imposible no enamorarse de los colores y la belleza que envuelven a Medellín; hoy me deje llevar de las orquídeas, el azul navy, los detalles sutiles y arriesgadas  transparencias. Mil gracias a Mai Petit y Juanes López. Felices fiestas!    ;-)

Fresh Start!

I am really excited to introduce my personal blog thevanillamilk, I decided to move to the capital of the world NYC to follow my passion and my dreams; I want to share with you the things that I love and inspire me every day and this seemed like the perfect time! the weather is getting better, the flowers and vibrant colors are everywhere and reminds me where I came from, the city of eternal spring, Medellín. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Estoy muy emocionada de presentarles mi blog personal thevanillamilk, me aventuré a vivir en la capital del mundo  para seguir mi pasión y mis sueños y quiero compartir las cosas que amo y me inspiran cada día! Este me pareció un momento perfecto; el clima mejora cada vez más, las flores y los colores vibrantes  abundan y me recuerdan la ciudad de donde vengo, la eterna primavera, Medellín. Espero que lo disfruten tanto como yo!