Boyfriend shirt

Walking on the streets of Cartagena again, I couldn’t resist to these scenarios! Every corner is simply picturesque and there is a story to tell. I just love this city.

One of the new basic pieces for our closet is the boyfriend shirt, wide with male silhouette, striped or one full color, is uncomplicated and kind of sexy. It is a very versatile piece that depending on the occasion goes with shorts, skirts, jeans, minimal accessories and appropriate shoes. Definitely keep it on mind if you are going for shopping these days, the boyfriend shirts are a success! What do you think? Ready to try them?

Thank you for your comments and thanks to my sister Laura for being the best photographer ever, I wish you all a VERY happy Tuesday.   :)

Nuevamente por las calles de cartagena, no me pude resistir a estos escenarios! En cada esquina hay un cuadro por pintar y una historia para contar. Me enamora simplemente me enamora esta ciudad. 

Sunny days in Cartagena

Good Morning loves! I want to start this article with a HUGE thank you for all the support and love and wish you a very happy week.After arriving from Amazon last week, we took a flight to Cartagena, a colonial and colorful city, with friendly people and sunsets to fall inlove, trust me…you always want to return. Walking the streets, enjoy the architecture, hearing her story; enjoy the beach and restaurants were some plans for this amazing adventure. The comfort and lightness were a must;

New beginnings

 Ok here I am starting a new chapter in my life, starting a new and exciting life adventure.

 I decided to leave the fast “go-go-go” North American Life and go back to Europe.

I’ve left behind my big vehicle, almost all my ties and suits packed (no matter where you go, a nice suit can come in handy) and go back to the simple: public transport, a second hand vintage bicycle, my All Star #Converse and a pair of jeans. To me, the experience of being back in Europe goes beyond having espressos in old coffee shops. Wear the local soccer jersey or walking trough narrow allies with my #Canon 7D camera taking pictures of every single Vespa Scooter. (We, Bike lovers, can easily fall into that cliché.)

 Right now Europe is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with art, with fashion and

Connecting the dots

I love Polka Dots! They have a retro vibe and at the same time, it’s always current! They were really on trend last season and it seems that Polka Dots are still a great go-to for the current Fall/Winter. You can create your outfits multiply fast with a few pairs of this patterned shorts and different color blouses or tanks. This time

Denim vest obsessed

My memories of childhood with vests are not the most motivating; on cold days it did not cover enough and when it was hot I could not stand. That’s why I think I spent so long without including them in my closet until now. Denim vests are very popular now and will continue for some long time. I had not given them a second chance until I found this denim vest from guess: unconventional, cuts playing with closures, the destroyed detail of sleeves, waistband and epaulets.

Hello Monday ❤

Good morniiing! There is not a bad day with name, usually we always condemn Mondays, but if we are always waiting for Friday or weekends we will never be able to enjoy the moments that are right here in front of us and is a gift. Make this Monday a good one! Celebrating the new start of the week, full of opportunities and reasons to work for our dreams I took these photos a few days ago; I fell in love with this shirt with Marilyn Monroe expressions, I accompanied with  printed shorts, white blazer and a  stradivarious  necklace, never missing my salmon stilettos  and a really beautiful day. Happy Monday!

Buenos diaaaas! Ningún día es malo, normalmente siempre condenamos los lunes, pero si siempre estamos esperando por el viernes o el fin de semana, nunca vamos disfrutar el momento que tenemos frente a nosotros que es un regalo, haz de este lunes el mejor.

Seven colors sea, San Andrés Island

Hace ocho años no visitaba este cielo! Soy una apasionada por viajar y más cuando se trata de playas. En estas vacaciones tuve la fortuna de visitar la isla de San Andrés con mi familia, un lugar verdaderamente mágico y paradisiaco que tiene mar de siete colores, su gente es exageradamente amable, playas de arena blanca y especies marinas descrestantes. Una semana inolvidable y única que espero repetir pronto ya que este próximo Noviembre tendrán por primera vez un evento internacional de moda. Se trata del Island Urban Fashion Week 2014, donde diseñadores internacionales, nacionales, locales y

Burgundy affaire

Good morning from sunny New York! I hope you’re ready for a relaxing weekend. The last  days
I was thinking about my teenage outfits, and especially I remembered a piece that I used to love so much and some years later I just refuse to wear it again…ever! The crop tops or bibs, someone agrees with me? Ok. Never say never and as fashion is cyclical and everything goes back in a new way the crop tops have become now in a strong trend to love or hate; personally I think they can be quite flirty and flattering if you know how to wear it, with skirts, shorts or high-waisted pants, this makes us look taller and therefore thinner.

Roses & simplicity

Imagine the idea of ​​having a complete look at the first time in the morning just opening your closet, on a crazy day when we have already tried many things and nothing seems to work … well, this happens to me a lot and I think many of us too. The rompers are a great option to leave out the doubts, those are easy to use, versatile from day to night and you do not have to think about mix and matching  anything, just add accessories, a smile and the look is perfect ; is definitely a complete piece of style. I wore this romper the last week to be at the office in the morning and in the afternoon to make a special visit to the Botanical Garden; quite comfortable and flattering. Would you include one of these in your closet?

Imagínense la idea de tener armado un look completo en las mañanas  apenas abran su closet, en un día de afán cuando ya nos hemos probado miles de cosas y nada parece funcionar… bueno, esto me pasa a mí y creo que a muchas de nosotras. Los rompers