The European Gem: Budapest

I have not yet found the perfect words to convey my time in Budapest, but ‘waking up to a beautiful and lingering dream’ would come close.

Travelling, to me, is not a stamped passport and a bar stool conversation later. It is a never ending journey of self discovery. My memoirs of Budapest are like the chronicles of following my dreams. I have always wanted to visit the Hungarian Empire, and this spring saw that dream turn to reality.

Back on road in tartán♡

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week. Mine started full of new energy and exciting projects that I will share soon. I had been somehow disconnected from my blog doing tons of tasks that I happily embark in this city but I’m back with all the attitude and today in tartan; It was one of the strongest trends of the last autumn-winter and today I’m taking it back on a sunny day with a loose white blouse and pleated booties with white accents on the back, perfect and comfortable look to run errands around the city. Happy week and thank you for your comments and messages, those make me really happy!

Buenos días! Espero que estén teniendo una muy buena semana. La mía comenzó recargada de buena energía y proyectos que espero compartir pronto. Había estado algo desconectada del blog atendiendo una y miles de tareas en las que me embarco felizmente en esta ciudad pero estoy de vuelta

GLAMOUR women of the year 2013

On November 11th I had the honor of being invited to ¨ GLAMOUR, Women of the Year 2013 awards ceremony ¨ which took place at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I’m still pinching myself. I had never been in such an inspiring event. Each year the magazine honors women that are doing something really important, helping others, raising his voice for others who do not have or do not can raise it, that’s having GLAMOUR. The important message from that night is that we do not have to be super stars, have lots of money or be famous to contribute something for a good cause, small details make a big difference and we all have the power to do it. Here are the pictures of the event, the winners and their stories; I assure you that it is really worth giving a look at these women!

The dress!

Lately there are more dresses in my closet as usual, I think it´s because they are so easy to wear and being in NYC also helped; just one piece like this and you are almost ready to go. Is simple, flattering and you don’t have to think too much about how accessorize it, because the print give it the entire dimension. Is Friday and definitely the dress is more than welcome for tonight. Happy weekend everyone! Thanks for your comments

Últimamente hay mas vestidos en mi closet de lo que es usual, creo que es porque son  fáciles de llevar y obviamente estar en NYC también me ha influenciado, un vestido como el que tengo puesto hoy y ya estamos casi listos para irnos. Es simple, halagador y no tienes que pensar mucho en los accesorios y complementos porque el estampado le da toda la dimensión. Es viernes y este vestido está más que bienvenido para la noche, Feliz finde! Muchísimas gracias por sus comentarios

Pastel colors & chilly day in Medellin

I´m not usually a matchy matchy person about wearing colors, I prefer contrast and dare with color, but once in a time you just should go out of the routine. Before traveling to NYC we took these pictures in my city in la plaza Botero, and in this occasion, I was obsessed with the beautiful necklace from Pájaro Limón and my shoes from caduto! What do you thing about them?

Usualmente no soy de las que combina los colores de un mismo tono, prefiero el contraste y atreverme con el color, pero una vez al año no hace daño y esta bien salirse de la rutina. Antes de viajar a NYC tomamos estas fotos en mi ciudad, en la plaza Botero, y en esta ocasión estaba mas que enamorada con esta bellecita de collar de Pájaro Limón y mis zapatos de Caduto! Que les parecen? 

Red up!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, we´re still enjoying the last days of summer and already feeling gradually how the weather is getting cold, usually I never go out without a sweater; my mom always told me that even if I´m going to hell I need to carry a sweater, and that advice has saved me of many situations … I found this sweater beautiful and perfect for the changing weather. The flowers are in trend for this season and next, plus is an easy way to complement a basic look, like what I´m wearing today. What are those things you can´t go out without them?  Btw! Rigth now I´m packing and working in projects that really excited me and I can´t wait to share with you! Thank you for your comments    :-D