Esenciales para una piel sana

Después de la temporada navideña donde asistimos a miles de reuniones familiares, trabajamos al mismo tiempo y tuvimos que sacar energía extra para poder compartir todos esos espacios, nuestra piel queda agotada por el trasnocho, alcohol, maquillaje que no nos retiramos bien en la noche entre otros.

Por eso es que para este mes de Enero hice una lista de sobrevivencia por así decirlo, para desintoxicar la piel y comenzar el año con una piel radiante y fresca. Todos estos pasos son de bastante ayuda para nosotras y de verdad hacen la diferencia en nuestro día a día. No es necesario incorporarlos todos pero si tener en cuenta los que a cada una nos benefician mas según su rutina.

Ten things about Cartagena

If you could imagine any magical and charming city, should definitely be Cartagena de Indias. As I said in the previous article, is one of those cities that you always want to come back, there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

Cartagena is historical and cultural heritage of humanity, the streets enclose stories and legends, you will find friendly and cheerful people, every corner has something special

Burgundy affaire

Good morning from sunny New York! I hope you’re ready for a relaxing weekend. The last  days
I was thinking about my teenage outfits, and especially I remembered a piece that I used to love so much and some years later I just refuse to wear it again…ever! The crop tops or bibs, someone agrees with me? Ok. Never say never and as fashion is cyclical and everything goes back in a new way the crop tops have become now in a strong trend to love or hate; personally I think they can be quite flirty and flattering if you know how to wear it, with skirts, shorts or high-waisted pants, this makes us look taller and therefore thinner.

Roses & simplicity

Imagine the idea of ​​having a complete look at the first time in the morning just opening your closet, on a crazy day when we have already tried many things and nothing seems to work … well, this happens to me a lot and I think many of us too. The rompers are a great option to leave out the doubts, those are easy to use, versatile from day to night and you do not have to think about mix and matching  anything, just add accessories, a smile and the look is perfect ; is definitely a complete piece of style. I wore this romper the last week to be at the office in the morning and in the afternoon to make a special visit to the Botanical Garden; quite comfortable and flattering. Would you include one of these in your closet?

Imagínense la idea de tener armado un look completo en las mañanas  apenas abran su closet, en un día de afán cuando ya nos hemos probado miles de cosas y nada parece funcionar… bueno, esto me pasa a mí y creo que a muchas de nosotras. Los rompers

Back on road in tartán♡

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week. Mine started full of new energy and exciting projects that I will share soon. I had been somehow disconnected from my blog doing tons of tasks that I happily embark in this city but I’m back with all the attitude and today in tartan; It was one of the strongest trends of the last autumn-winter and today I’m taking it back on a sunny day with a loose white blouse and pleated booties with white accents on the back, perfect and comfortable look to run errands around the city. Happy week and thank you for your comments and messages, those make me really happy!

Buenos días! Espero que estén teniendo una muy buena semana. La mía comenzó recargada de buena energía y proyectos que espero compartir pronto. Había estado algo desconectada del blog atendiendo una y miles de tareas en las que me embarco felizmente en esta ciudad pero estoy de vuelta

Road trip, Amish Town NY

I must confess I had a huge curiosity about this place; disconnected from the noise of the city and go back to the basic and natural. No electricity, no cars, absolutely fresh and natural food, outdoor activities and enjoy the company of family and friends without any electronic next to me! That is why I escaped to this town that has preserved for over 300 years the tradition of simple living. I hope you enjoy the photos and this beautiful day!