when sunny & rainy…

How many times have you left the house with an extremely warm outfit because is freezing out there and an hour later is totally sunny and we’re melting?

Well, that was my case lately and I wanted to share some discoveries (if I can call it like that) so we can choose better in the morning what we’re going to wear. For days that we have different activities and the weather is rare, try using outfits with small changes to adapt in this situation.

In this case a light rain jacket become a basic, right now those are trending in military or beige, and match with almost everything.

Barbers Art -El arte de un Barbero.

Contrary to newfound popular belief, the word “trendy” isn’t a newly associated term with the concept of “the barbershop”.

Barbershops have historically been trendy. Though some may attribute this renaissance to the #Hipster culture, I have always loved what I consider to be a tradition. I can think back to my grandfather and my father visiting their respective barbers. It was a ritual for them.

You would walk through the parlour doors, and the ambience was simply astounding. Each shop had it’s own style, it’s own vibe. The shiny metal chairs, the color of the padded leather, the radio stations and the music. It was definitely a cultural experience; a gentlemen’s club.