Roses & simplicity

Imagine the idea of ​​having a complete look at the first time in the morning just opening your closet, on a crazy day when we have already tried many things and nothing seems to work … well, this happens to me a lot and I think many of us too. The rompers are a great option to leave out the doubts, those are easy to use, versatile from day to night and you do not have to think about mix and matching  anything, just add accessories, a smile and the look is perfect ; is definitely a complete piece of style. I wore this romper the last week to be at the office in the morning and in the afternoon to make a special visit to the Botanical Garden; quite comfortable and flattering. Would you include one of these in your closet?

Imagínense la idea de tener armado un look completo en las mañanas  apenas abran su closet, en un día de afán cuando ya nos hemos probado miles de cosas y nada parece funcionar… bueno, esto me pasa a mí y creo que a muchas de nosotras. Los rompers

Blue touch

Since last week the days have been quite sunny and breezy, a perfect combo! This was an outfit to enjoy one of those beautiful days: all neutral colors with my type A skirt (finally I wear it) pattern tank top, color block heels that I love and definitely are a must in every woman’s closet. This is an easy and successful way to add a touch of life and color to a neutral look, something easy and informal for the day and if we need it more casual we could mix it with a blazer. Happy week and thanks for your comments!

 Desde la semana pasada los días han estado bastante soleados y con brisa, un combo perfecto!  Este fue un outfit para disfrutar de uno de estos días tan hermosos: en colores neutros,

Pastel colors & chilly day in Medellin

I´m not usually a matchy matchy person about wearing colors, I prefer contrast and dare with color, but once in a time you just should go out of the routine. Before traveling to NYC we took these pictures in my city in la plaza Botero, and in this occasion, I was obsessed with the beautiful necklace from Pájaro Limón and my shoes from caduto! What do you thing about them?

Usualmente no soy de las que combina los colores de un mismo tono, prefiero el contraste y atreverme con el color, pero una vez al año no hace daño y esta bien salirse de la rutina. Antes de viajar a NYC tomamos estas fotos en mi ciudad, en la plaza Botero, y en esta ocasión estaba mas que enamorada con esta bellecita de collar de Pájaro Limón y mis zapatos de Caduto! Que les parecen? 

Fresh blue monday

Nueva semana, nuevos retos y nuevas oportunidades. Desde que comencé el Blog he pasado por muchos cambios, tanto profesionales como personales, no se imaginan cuantos! Ahora tengo las pilas recargadas, proyectos muy positivos en camino y convencida que querer es poder, esos días que tienes la alegría alborotada y el color subido? Así mismo. Un look descomplicado con un acento de color llamativo     ;-)  Disfruten este lunes!

New week, new challenges and new opportunities; since I started the blog I’ve been through many changes, both professionally and personally; you can´t imagine how many! Now I have my batteries recharged, very positive projects underway and convinced that where there´s a will there´s a way. These days you feel joy and colorful? Like that. Easy look with striking color accents     ;-)  Enjoy this beautiful monday!