Spring vibes

Hello everyone! Spring is at the door and finally we can appreciate some of the most marked trends: new colors, textures and clothes! And talking about colors and warmer weather, I had the luck to make these photos with a great team of creative people in Medellin. They are Pose n ‘Post, three costume designers with different approaches that combine their talent to create a new concept of photography and communication.

Here are some notes about spring trends; I hope you enjoy the photos and illustrations   :)

Huge thanks to David Mosquera, Camilo García, Daniela Ramirez and Laura Lotero.

Will you be my valentine?

 Every day is a perfect opportunity to remind those we love how much we care about them; we don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day or a special date to express with little details our love. Having said that, next weekend is Valentine ’s Day, a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries, which has lately become popular in other countries.

Personally, I think gift options for men are a bit limited compared to ladies options: chocolates, flowers, cards, makeup, accessories etc. And also the fact to buy something meaningful and special, but! Don’t worry ladies,

Boyfriend shirt

Walking on the streets of Cartagena again, I couldn’t resist to these scenarios! Every corner is simply picturesque and there is a story to tell. I just love this city.

One of the new basic pieces for our closet is the boyfriend shirt, wide with male silhouette, striped or one full color, is uncomplicated and kind of sexy. It is a very versatile piece that depending on the occasion goes with shorts, skirts, jeans, minimal accessories and appropriate shoes. Definitely keep it on mind if you are going for shopping these days, the boyfriend shirts are a success! What do you think? Ready to try them?

Thank you for your comments and thanks to my sister Laura for being the best photographer ever, I wish you all a VERY happy Tuesday.   :)

Nuevamente por las calles de cartagena, no me pude resistir a estos escenarios! En cada esquina hay un cuadro por pintar y una historia para contar. Me enamora simplemente me enamora esta ciudad. 

Ten things about Cartagena

If you could imagine any magical and charming city, should definitely be Cartagena de Indias. As I said in the previous article, is one of those cities that you always want to come back, there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

Cartagena is historical and cultural heritage of humanity, the streets enclose stories and legends, you will find friendly and cheerful people, every corner has something special

Sunny days in Cartagena

Good Morning loves! I want to start this article with a HUGE thank you for all the support and love and wish you a very happy week.After arriving from Amazon last week, we took a flight to Cartagena, a colonial and colorful city, with friendly people and sunsets to fall inlove, trust me…you always want to return. Walking the streets, enjoy the architecture, hearing her story; enjoy the beach and restaurants were some plans for this amazing adventure. The comfort and lightness were a must;

Ten things about Amazon

To receive the new year my family and I decided to visit Amazon, I was not sure what to expect, for my surprise it was one of the most magical and spectacular trips I ‘ve had. The beauty and grandeur of this place does not look like anything I’ve visited before, pure air to breathe, tranquility, the best music came from  birds, monkeys , water, air… and you can watch the magnificence and beauty in every place and every being.

These are ten of the many magical places in the Amazon

Para recibir el año mí familia y yo decidimos visitar Amazonas, no sabía que esperar realmente y a cada persona que le contaba nuestro destino parecían desconcertados, confundidos o incrédulos, algunos se entusiasmaban pero fueron contados.

Green everything in the Amazon

Good Morning loves! I am back  from one of the best experiences I ever had traveling , I had the fortunate to visit the Amazon to celebrate the holidays with my family and it was really life changing, I recharged energy, breathed pure air , I feel a lot more  love for mother nature and bring new purposes. Amazon is a magical and wise place where you can connect with yourself, where you come from, our essence; definitely you should put it on

Many many thanks!!! And Happy 2015

It’s been an incredible year for us at The Vanilla Milk. So many experiences, so many random laughs and of course a couple of tears here and there, but that is also part of a GREAT year.

We wanna take the time to thank every single one of you. It was definitely your support, your comments and ideas what helped us to have such an incredible and positive year. We are ready for 2015 with more fashion, more life projects and we want all of you to continue being  part of it.

Let this year to be filled with happiness joy and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Happy New Year! :D

Este ha sido sin duda un año increíble para nosotros en The Vanilla Milk. Tantas experiencias, tantas risas y también, algunas lágrimas han hecho de este, un año maravilloso.

Hoy nos gustaría hacer una pausa para agradecer a cada uno de ustedes, ya que, gracias a tu apoyo, a tus ideas y sugerencias hicieron de este el mejor año hasta el momento para nosotros. Hoy estamos listos para entregar los mejor en este  2015, trabajando en más ideas de moda, más viajes, nuevos proyectos y  sueños de los que queremos que ustedes sigan siendo parte.

Que este año este lleno de mucha felicidad y prosperidad para ustedes y sus seres queridos! :D

Merry christmas!!! Feliz Navidad!!!

I can´t believe how fast time goes, is already Christmas Eve! I hope you can share with family and friends this special date. Warm wishes and hugs!

Blessed be the date that unites everyone in a conspiracy of love! Happy Holidays    :)

No puedo creer como se fue este año de rápido, ya hoy 24 de Diciembre! Espero que puedan compartir con familia y amigos este dia tan especial. Un abrazo enorme y nuestros mejores deseos!

Bendita sea la fecha que une a todo el mundo en una conspiración de amor! Felices fiestas   :) 

Christmas packaging ideas with style

I totally agree when they say that the most important is the inside not the outside, but this season where we are showing our appreciation to our beloved ones a little more effort and detail to the outside makes the difference. I personally enjoy a lot packing, put a little thing here, another there, making cute cards, playing in a special way with details, so I found some of the most simple and easy ideas