Merry christmas!!! Feliz Navidad!!!

I can´t believe how fast time goes, is already Christmas Eve! I hope you can share with family and friends this special date. Warm wishes and hugs!

Blessed be the date that unites everyone in a conspiracy of love! Happy Holidays    :)

No puedo creer como se fue este año de rápido, ya hoy 24 de Diciembre! Espero que puedan compartir con familia y amigos este dia tan especial. Un abrazo enorme y nuestros mejores deseos!

Bendita sea la fecha que une a todo el mundo en una conspiración de amor! Felices fiestas   :) 

New beginnings

 Ok here I am starting a new chapter in my life, starting a new and exciting life adventure.

 I decided to leave the fast “go-go-go” North American Life and go back to Europe.

I’ve left behind my big vehicle, almost all my ties and suits packed (no matter where you go, a nice suit can come in handy) and go back to the simple: public transport, a second hand vintage bicycle, my All Star #Converse and a pair of jeans. To me, the experience of being back in Europe goes beyond having espressos in old coffee shops. Wear the local soccer jersey or walking trough narrow allies with my #Canon 7D camera taking pictures of every single Vespa Scooter. (We, Bike lovers, can easily fall into that cliché.)

 Right now Europe is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with art, with fashion and

Christmas packaging ideas with style

I totally agree when they say that the most important is the inside not the outside, but this season where we are showing our appreciation to our beloved ones a little more effort and detail to the outside makes the difference. I personally enjoy a lot packing, put a little thing here, another there, making cute cards, playing in a special way with details, so I found some of the most simple and easy ideas

Our new look- Nuestro nuevo look

Today I only have feelings of happiness and gratitude in my life, I have always tried to learn something new every day , celebrate little details and put my heart in every step I take, I have dreamed , worked , I have made mistakes , but every day I have grown and now the blog is also growing with me. Finally today I can introduce you the new look of TheVanillaMilk, a new version, more content, new stories, adventures and inspiration. Inspiring you to write your own story, leaving fears behind, expand perspectives and dream every single day.

Thanks for being there all this time, I hope to continue accompanying you, improving and growing together.

Hoy sólo tengo sentimientos de felicidad y agradecimiento,  en mi vida siempre he tratado de aprender algo nuevo cada día,  celebrar los detalles y poner el corazón en cada paso que doy, he soñado, trabajado, me he equivocado,  pero todos los días he crecido y ahora el blog también crece conmigo, finalmente hoy puedo presentarles el nuevo look de TheVanillaMilk, una nueva versión, más contenido, nuevas historias, aventuras e inspiración. Un espacio para motivar  a escribir tu propia historia, dejar miedos atrás, contagiarse de buena energía, ampliar perspectivas y soñar todos los días.

Gracias inmensas por estar estos dos años compartiendo en TheVanillaMilk,  espero poder seguir acompañándolos, mejorando y creciendo juntos cada día.

Foto via pinterest

Connecting the dots

I love Polka Dots! They have a retro vibe and at the same time, it’s always current! They were really on trend last season and it seems that Polka Dots are still a great go-to for the current Fall/Winter. You can create your outfits multiply fast with a few pairs of this patterned shorts and different color blouses or tanks. This time

Amor y amistad GIVEAWAY ♡

Buen Miercoles! Como amanecen? Aprovechando que el  fin de semana siguiente ( 20 de Septiembre) celebramos en Colombia amor y amistad, quería compartir con ustedes algo especial. Si se quieren dar un regalito o a alguien que adoren para esta fecha, acá pueden participar para llevarse algo  hermoso de bambú rosa joyería! Tenemos tres piezas de la colección de amor y amistad para compartir con ustedes! si quieres participar para tener en tus manos uno de estos sólo debes seguir estas instrucciones, es muy fácil!      :-) 

Working on my dream office

I am a believer that our home  and  workplace is a temple;  that’s why I haven’t  stopped thinking about my dream office, I’ve been looking for  some references to decorate my home office because I haven’t  renovated two years ago and is already screaming for a redesign. With new projects and adventures I need it URGENT; I think when you pay attention to these details we can get sort sense of order and stability, and for me the idea of ​​redecorating is really exciting. Here I give you some pictures of the now and the expected for later!   :P what do you think? Enjoy the weekend!

Soy creyente de que nuestra casa/hogar es un templo y el lugar de trabajo también lo es; por eso no he dejado de pensar en un espacio de estudio soñado, he buscado algunos referentes para decorar mi oficina en casa porque el espacio que tengo ahora no lo he renovado hace dos años y ya está gritando por un rediseño

Denim vest obsessed

My memories of childhood with vests are not the most motivating; on cold days it did not cover enough and when it was hot I could not stand. That’s why I think I spent so long without including them in my closet until now. Denim vests are very popular now and will continue for some long time. I had not given them a second chance until I found this denim vest from guess: unconventional, cuts playing with closures, the destroyed detail of sleeves, waistband and epaulets.