The European Gem: Budapest

I have not yet found the perfect words to convey my time in Budapest, but ‘waking up to a beautiful and lingering dream’ would come close.

Travelling, to me, is not a stamped passport and a bar stool conversation later. It is a never ending journey of self discovery. My memoirs of Budapest are like the chronicles of following my dreams. I have always wanted to visit the Hungarian Empire, and this spring saw that dream turn to reality.

Ten things about Italy

I took me a little bit more than I thought to come up with 10 things I love the most about #Italy. I was like seriously 10? And the main reason is because Italy owns a piece of my soul. There are wayyyy too many things I love about #Italy that’s why this exercise is always a hard one to me… But here is my best shot! You think am missing something here?

Siempre que tengo que hacer el ejercicio de escoger las 10 mejores cosas de un lugar, la vida se me vuelve un nudo…Literal. Y mucho mas si estas 10 cosas son sobre #Italia. Tengo una fascinación gigante sobre #Italia. Y es que creo que en definitiva #Italia es dueña de un pedazo de mi alma. Pero aquí les dejo mi mejor intento… Aparte de bellas actrices crees que olvido algo?   :D

All roads leads to Rome

While am Standing in Fiumicino Airport, waiting in the boarding area for a plane that is taking me back to #Barcelona, the first thing that crosses my mind is, WOW… definitely #Rome has it all!

Rome is one of those cities that once you start walking the streets, makes me wonder how much we have changed as society. Is one of those cities that really makes me feel I’m walking trough time… I can’t help but catch fleeting moments, and enjoy unique experiences that almost 3,000 glorious years of history and beauty has to offer.

I enjoy everything about #Rome. The mix between

Ten things about Cartagena

If you could imagine any magical and charming city, should definitely be Cartagena de Indias. As I said in the previous article, is one of those cities that you always want to come back, there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

Cartagena is historical and cultural heritage of humanity, the streets enclose stories and legends, you will find friendly and cheerful people, every corner has something special

Sunny days in Cartagena

Good Morning loves! I want to start this article with a HUGE thank you for all the support and love and wish you a very happy week.After arriving from Amazon last week, we took a flight to Cartagena, a colonial and colorful city, with friendly people and sunsets to fall inlove, trust me…you always want to return. Walking the streets, enjoy the architecture, hearing her story; enjoy the beach and restaurants were some plans for this amazing adventure. The comfort and lightness were a must;

Ten things about Amazon

To receive the new year my family and I decided to visit Amazon, I was not sure what to expect, for my surprise it was one of the most magical and spectacular trips I ‘ve had. The beauty and grandeur of this place does not look like anything I’ve visited before, pure air to breathe, tranquility, the best music came from  birds, monkeys , water, air… and you can watch the magnificence and beauty in every place and every being.

These are ten of the many magical places in the Amazon

Para recibir el año mí familia y yo decidimos visitar Amazonas, no sabía que esperar realmente y a cada persona que le contaba nuestro destino parecían desconcertados, confundidos o incrédulos, algunos se entusiasmaban pero fueron contados.

Green everything in the Amazon

Good Morning loves! I am back  from one of the best experiences I ever had traveling , I had the fortunate to visit the Amazon to celebrate the holidays with my family and it was really life changing, I recharged energy, breathed pure air , I feel a lot more  love for mother nature and bring new purposes. Amazon is a magical and wise place where you can connect with yourself, where you come from, our essence; definitely you should put it on

Seven colors sea, San Andrés Island

Hace ocho años no visitaba este cielo! Soy una apasionada por viajar y más cuando se trata de playas. En estas vacaciones tuve la fortuna de visitar la isla de San Andrés con mi familia, un lugar verdaderamente mágico y paradisiaco que tiene mar de siete colores, su gente es exageradamente amable, playas de arena blanca y especies marinas descrestantes. Una semana inolvidable y única que espero repetir pronto ya que este próximo Noviembre tendrán por primera vez un evento internacional de moda. Se trata del Island Urban Fashion Week 2014, donde diseñadores internacionales, nacionales, locales y

Road trip, Amish Town NY

I must confess I had a huge curiosity about this place; disconnected from the noise of the city and go back to the basic and natural. No electricity, no cars, absolutely fresh and natural food, outdoor activities and enjoy the company of family and friends without any electronic next to me! That is why I escaped to this town that has preserved for over 300 years the tradition of simple living. I hope you enjoy the photos and this beautiful day!