when sunny & rainy…

How many times have you left the house with an extremely warm outfit because is freezing out there and an hour later is totally sunny and we’re melting?

Well, that was my case lately and I wanted to share some discoveries (if I can call it like that) so we can choose better in the morning what we’re going to wear. For days that we have different activities and the weather is rare, try using outfits with small changes to adapt in this situation.

In this case a light rain jacket become a basic, right now those are trending in military or beige, and match with almost everything.

Spring vibes

Hello everyone! Spring is at the door and finally we can appreciate some of the most marked trends: new colors, textures and clothes! And talking about colors and warmer weather, I had the luck to make these photos with a great team of creative people in Medellin. They are Pose n ‘Post, three costume designers with different approaches that combine their talent to create a new concept of photography and communication.

Here are some notes about spring trends; I hope you enjoy the photos and illustrations   :)

Huge thanks to David Mosquera, Camilo García, Daniela Ramirez and Laura Lotero.

Merry christmas!!! Feliz Navidad!!!

I can´t believe how fast time goes, is already Christmas Eve! I hope you can share with family and friends this special date. Warm wishes and hugs!

Blessed be the date that unites everyone in a conspiracy of love! Happy Holidays    :)

No puedo creer como se fue este año de rápido, ya hoy 24 de Diciembre! Espero que puedan compartir con familia y amigos este dia tan especial. Un abrazo enorme y nuestros mejores deseos!

Bendita sea la fecha que une a todo el mundo en una conspiración de amor! Felices fiestas   :) 

Christmas packaging ideas with style

I totally agree when they say that the most important is the inside not the outside, but this season where we are showing our appreciation to our beloved ones a little more effort and detail to the outside makes the difference. I personally enjoy a lot packing, put a little thing here, another there, making cute cards, playing in a special way with details, so I found some of the most simple and easy ideas

Detox Water para este lunes!

Hola! Que tal su fin de semana?  Hoy quise compartirles rápidamente algo que aprendí hace unos días y tomé como habito; perfecto para desintoxicar el cuerpo natural y saludablemente después de fiestas o comelonas. Es una opción fácil, rápida y que tiene muchos beneficios para nuestro cuerpo. Esta es mi versión de agua detox,

Seven colors sea, San Andrés Island

Hace ocho años no visitaba este cielo! Soy una apasionada por viajar y más cuando se trata de playas. En estas vacaciones tuve la fortuna de visitar la isla de San Andrés con mi familia, un lugar verdaderamente mágico y paradisiaco que tiene mar de siete colores, su gente es exageradamente amable, playas de arena blanca y especies marinas descrestantes. Una semana inolvidable y única que espero repetir pronto ya que este próximo Noviembre tendrán por primera vez un evento internacional de moda. Se trata del Island Urban Fashion Week 2014, donde diseñadores internacionales, nacionales, locales y

Burgundy affaire

Good morning from sunny New York! I hope you’re ready for a relaxing weekend. The last  days
I was thinking about my teenage outfits, and especially I remembered a piece that I used to love so much and some years later I just refuse to wear it again…ever! The crop tops or bibs, someone agrees with me? Ok. Never say never and as fashion is cyclical and everything goes back in a new way the crop tops have become now in a strong trend to love or hate; personally I think they can be quite flirty and flattering if you know how to wear it, with skirts, shorts or high-waisted pants, this makes us look taller and therefore thinner.