Will you be my valentine?

 Every day is a perfect opportunity to remind those we love how much we care about them; we don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day or a special date to express with little details our love. Having said that, next weekend is Valentine ’s Day, a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries, which has lately become popular in other countries.

Personally, I think gift options for men are a bit limited compared to ladies options: chocolates, flowers, cards, makeup, accessories etc. And also the fact to buy something meaningful and special, but! Don’t worry ladies,

Ten Grooming products to keep in mind

essentials grooming


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Hello guys! Have you been using the same shampoo for the past 2 and half years?

 Sometimes we just get too comfortable or too lazy to read labels, or give ourselves the chance to try different options. Some of us will say ‘this shampoo has always worked for me’ and others will say ‘dude it’s just shampoo…’

Well I’ve been taking a closer look at grooming products lately, mostly because

Love List

love list HIM


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Winter is coming…  Back? Going Away?

Hello guys, Happy to be here again, but with that uneasy feeling that only mid January brings.

Not knowing for sure if the latest sunny days and mild temperatures are because Spring is close or because winter hasn’t come completely yet. Am not going to complain about the weather, even less about a beautiful sunny day in the middle of January. I’ve using these mild days to run outside, take some pictures, and go for long walks around Barceloneta Beach wearing (believe it or not) my #Toms shoes. I only hope for the best than these aren’t just sad and clear signs of what Global Warming is doing to our world. I decided to make a list of some

‘Winter-Spring’ #essentials, products and looks that can be use in this unusual transitional season. Ohh… and  the answer is yes to the title of this post. I am a Hugeeee #GameofThrones fan and those are words that I’ve been missing this winter.

Winter is Coming!!! Are you guys fans of this A M A Z I N G T.V show?

Love list, pamper yourself


Algunos son antojos que mantengo en mente, otros cumplidos y otros por cumplir, recuerden que hay que consentirnos así sea con el más mínimo detalle 

Some cravings that I keep in mind, others that I already have and the rest of them hopefully will be on my hands soon, we should pamper ourselves even with the smallest detail

1. Don´t worry be Yoncé, no hay mucho más que decir

2. Tacones de leopardo, Steve Madden. El animal print no dejará de estar presente en ningún closet definitivamente, al menos

Love you momi!

We all have a mother who thanks both life and love; celebrating just one day is not enough but it is a special chance to show your mom how much you appreciate her. If you do not know how to spoil her, you have not had much time to think about it, or if you think you have the most complicated mom for gifts, here’s a list of ideas that is going to make life easier; you’re going to think…this is basic! But that’s the point: simple, back to basics and a special detail for her (not for the house!) remind her that you love her from here to the moon with something significant that you know that will make her smile and feel valued. If you already have an idea, jump forward!

Todos tenemos una mamá a quien agradecerle la vida y tanto amor; celebrar un día en especial  no es suficiente pero si es una oportunidad para demostrarle un poquito más cuanto la queremos. Si todavía no sabes cómo consentirla, no has tenido mucho tiempo para pensar que regalarle, o si piensas que tienes