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Winter is coming…  Back? Going Away?

Hello guys, Happy to be here again, but with that uneasy feeling that only mid January brings.

Not knowing for sure if the latest sunny days and mild temperatures are because Spring is close or because winter hasn’t come completely yet. Am not going to complain about the weather, even less about a beautiful sunny day in the middle of January. I’ve using these mild days to run outside, take some pictures, and go for long walks around Barceloneta Beach wearing (believe it or not) my #Toms shoes. I only hope for the best than these aren’t just sad and clear signs of what Global Warming is doing to our world. I decided to make a list of some

‘Winter-Spring’ #essentials, products and looks that can be use in this unusual transitional season. Ohh… and  the answer is yes to the title of this post. I am a Hugeeee #GameofThrones fan and those are words that I’ve been missing this winter.

Winter is Coming!!! Are you guys fans of this A M A Z I N G T.V show?

Christmas packaging ideas with style

I totally agree when they say that the most important is the inside not the outside, but this season where we are showing our appreciation to our beloved ones a little more effort and detail to the outside makes the difference. I personally enjoy a lot packing, put a little thing here, another there, making cute cards, playing in a special way with details, so I found some of the most simple and easy ideas

Working on my dream office

I am a believer that our home  and  workplace is a temple;  that’s why I haven’t  stopped thinking about my dream office, I’ve been looking for  some references to decorate my home office because I haven’t  renovated two years ago and is already screaming for a redesign. With new projects and adventures I need it URGENT; I think when you pay attention to these details we can get sort sense of order and stability, and for me the idea of ​​redecorating is really exciting. Here I give you some pictures of the now and the expected for later!   :P what do you think? Enjoy the weekend!

Soy creyente de que nuestra casa/hogar es un templo y el lugar de trabajo también lo es; por eso no he dejado de pensar en un espacio de estudio soñado, he buscado algunos referentes para decorar mi oficina en casa porque el espacio que tengo ahora no lo he renovado hace dos años y ya está gritando por un rediseño

GLAMOUR women of the year 2013

On November 11th I had the honor of being invited to ¨ GLAMOUR, Women of the Year 2013 awards ceremony ¨ which took place at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I’m still pinching myself. I had never been in such an inspiring event. Each year the magazine honors women that are doing something really important, helping others, raising his voice for others who do not have or do not can raise it, that’s having GLAMOUR. The important message from that night is that we do not have to be super stars, have lots of money or be famous to contribute something for a good cause, small details make a big difference and we all have the power to do it. Here are the pictures of the event, the winners and their stories; I assure you that it is really worth giving a look at these women!

Detalles que enamoran!

Se acerca el día de amor y amistad y tenia serios planes de darles varias ideas para este día, pero con la universidad y una gripa que no me deja, se me dificultó un poco. Sin embargo quería compartir con ustedes esta fecha y uno de mis blogs favoritos Eat Drink Chic; tiene unos detalles hermosos y muy personales que pueden simplemente imprimir y personalizar para sus amados! Recuerden que cada nuevo día es una oportunidad para celebrar y agradecer el amor en todas sus formas!     :-)   Feliz día!

Military BAsiC

 Definitely there are basics in our closets that are obvious, jeans, white shirts, black jacket. But for me, the military trend has become an indispensable, move away from the traditional, easily combined with other clothes and gives some character to look. Here are three styling ideas incorporating military pieces. Do you already have a military piece in your closet? Which of these looks is your favorite?

Smart closet

These days with the daily and weekly commitments that require different outfits and little time to think in front of the closet, the best option is to do more with less, practicality, versatile basics that we can go from one part of our life to another, changing accents that creates a new look according to the occasion of use; the denim shirt is quite versatile and